Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tearing Down the Last Opposition – SCAF’s War on Young Activists

It all started by tarnishing the image of 6 April, a youth movement that fought Mubarak when all members of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) were saluting him. Then came the turn on Kifaya. Lieutenant General Rowainy named the first serious opposition movement to the Mubarak regime “not Egyptian”. Then the Abasiyah events unfolded. The same army general incited the residents of Abasiyah to attack the incoming protesters resulting in the death of Mohamed Mohsen, a young activist from the Southern city of Aswan. And now Asamaa Mahfouz, a prominent young activist, summoned by the military court and released on bail of 20,000 Egyptian pounds. A military trial is awaiting her. The charges? Incitement and foul-mouthing SCAF!

It is crystal clear SCAF wants to intimate and eventually get rid of its last critics: the youth who did the revolution and their supporters. And all factors are enabling this. Let me briefly explain why.

The political landscape of Egypt is now composed of: SCAF, Islamists groups ranging from the Ikhwan till our own Fascists the Salafis, old and newly formed parties, and a wide array of disorganized and disoriented network of youth movements and independents fighting to press for the revolution’s demands.

The Islamists do not need to push for the revolution’s demands and bother SCAF because they are the biggest winners of January’s revolution. They are very organized, very well funded and they’re believed to be on their way to big gains in the upcoming elections. So why bother with pushing for the revolution demands?

The newly formed parties are just taking their first baby-steps in politics. They are underfunded and havocked by disunity. They do join the revolution youth in nearly all their demonstrations and sit-ins, but they don’t take a very firm stand against SCAF’s abuse of power.  These parties are still out of touch with the street and any effort they do to reach out to the people is confronted with a smear campaign by the Islamists. Notice what Rassd News did with Al Adl party and what happened to the Free Egyptians Party after the Mickey Mouse cartoons row.

The revolution youth remain to be the only entity that still pushes for the revolution demands. They are basically living in a constant state of revolution. Yet they are very disorganized and underfunded. And worse, they are out of touch with an increasingly weary and scared general population. This misunderstanding between the youth and the general public has enabled SCAF to create a rift between Egyptians and the most genuine people who risk their life for them. Very sad.

Given the above conditions, SCAF now has a completely free hand to whatever it wants to do. To do whatever it takes to deliver an Egypt that will maintain the status and privileges they enjoyed under the Mubarak regime.

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